Dr. Brett Winchester lectures throughout the world, teaching his functional approach to patient care. Combining manual therapy, including joint manipulation and neuromuscular stabilization, with therapeutic exercise, Dr. Winchester effectively treats functional pathologies and acts as a catalyst for patients working to enhance their performance.  Dr. Winchester is the founder of Winchester Spine & Sport located outside St. Louis, Missouri. His current appointments include: Advanced biomechanics course instructor at Logan College of Chiropractic, Instructor and board member for the Motion Palpation Institute, Chiropractic Rehabilitation Diplomate instructor, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization instructor trained by Pavel Kolar and Gestalt Performance (owner).

Dr. Winchester’s published research includes topics such as offering a multidisciplinary approach for treatment of the pregnant population and foot dysfunction. Various chiropractic journals have also featured Dr. Winchester for his patient-driven treatment model. He also has authored two chapters for textbooks. 

Dr. Winchester enjoys treating professional and collegiate athletes and has gained a reputation for his sports medicine background. His expertise has placed him at the forefront of the ulnar collateral ligament rupture epidemic in professional baseball pitchers, providing insights into causation and effective treatment protocols. Still, his passion remains with diagnosing and treating the ailments of a diverse patient population with conservative-based protocols.    
Assessment and Treatment of the Baseball Athlete - An Integrated, Multi-Modal Approach
October 31 - November 1
This course provides an integrated approach to assessment and rehabilitative management strategies of baseball players from four leading authorities in Major League Baseball. Led by Dr. Winchester, DNS Baseball Chiropractor, assisted by the head athletic trainers from the Dodgers, Cubs and Braves, these experts will share their combined knowledge and experience utilizing 21st Century methods that include DNS, motor control, PFR and Fascial Manipulative rehabilitation strategies.
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